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Burgers... Burgers... Burgers...

It is estimated that 50 billion burgers are consumed by Americans every year! 1 From the most classic combinations with just cheese and meat, to the most extravagant recipes with fancy sauces, expensive cheeses, and truffles. Here at Crossover Meats, we love burgers of all varieties!

In fact, Crossover burgers are a masterpiece of their own – and before you, we are NOT plant based, but we are a sustainable, clean ingredient, delicious, blended, 100% all-natural burger patty. Crossover Meats offers three frozen burger patties flavors: The Tasty Twosome (a chicken and beef blend), Delicious Double-Up (a chicken and pork blend), and Flavorsome Friends (a chicken and lamb blend).

So, now that we have your mouth watering talking about burgers – let's talk about how to cook our delicious burgers to perfection!

You might be wondering is cooking a Crossover burger any different from cooking a standard beef burger? Well, each burger is blended with wholesome chicken breast, so as long as you remember to cook our patties to 165 degrees you are ready to go!

How To Cook a Crossover Burger

First, grab a skillet, pan, flat-top griddle, or find your nearest grill (any of these choices result in the same outcome – a juicy, perfect, burger).

Next you will get your cooking surface searing hot (around 400 degrees). Then you are going to grab your Crossover Meats burger from your freezer and lay it on the hot surface (no need to defrost). After around 5 to 6 minutes the burger will start to defrost and it is time to flip and season! All of our burgers take seasoning beautifully so feel free to get creative! Once you have seasoned your burger, cook the other side for around 6 to 7 minutes. You will need to ensure your burger is cooked thoroughly to 165ºF. Please use a temperature gauge to get an accurate reading.

After your juicy Crossover burger is cooked, grab your bread, cheese, sauce and vegetables of choice and put your perfect burger together!

Crossover Burgers

Home chefs, just like you, are creating delicious recipes with all three of our burger flavors! Check out what they are cookin’ up to get some inspiration of your own:

Crossover Burger of the Month - September

Delicious Double-Up - Breakfast Sammie

Tasty Twosome - Swiss and Swooooon Burger

Flavorsome Friends- Tzatziki Me Crazy Burger

Tasty Twosome - The Big N' Tasty Burger

Love what you have made? Send us an image and recipe of your Crossover burger to



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