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Crossover Chicken & Beef Blends

Our Chicken+Beef Blends is our flagship burger and offers an extensive range of creative and classic burger options.


This delicious all-natural blended chicken and beef burger tastes just like a 100% beef burger but uses 58% less land, 58% less water, and 56% less greenhouse gas emissions, compared to standard ground beef, without sacrificing quality or taste.  

Crossover Chicken & Pork Blends

Our Chicken+Pork Blends lends itself perfectly to breakfast options like a sausage, egg, and cheese, or breakfast scramble! It is also unbelievable in BBQ inspired burgers! 


This incredible all-natural blended chicken and pork burger does not compromise on flavor and turns any recipe into a savory masterpiecePlus, the Delicious Double-Up uses 40% less land and 39.8% less water compared to standard pork products!

Crossover Chicken & Lamb Blends

Our Chicken+Lamb Blends was inspired by Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors! Our Flavorsome Friends burgers are the perfect vehicle of flavor to transport your taste buds around the world with just one bite!


Not to mention our Flavorsome Friends burger uses 60% less land and 57% less water compared to standard lamb products!

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