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Crossover Meats
Real Meat Real Change


Crossover Meats makes better for you ground meat. This means ground meat that is delicious, affordable, and convenient with less environmental impact; without using cheap ingredients or sacrificing any of that mouth-watering meaty goodness we all inherently love.

Using our patented recipe, make 100% all-natural meat products that are purposefully created to do less harm to the environment by reducing the land, water and CO2 impact by 50%.  We know our products taste exactly the same as their 80/20 counterparts, so no one is skimping on taste or texture. Using wholesome chicken to replace the lean protein in ground beef, pork and lamb, our products cost less, making them more accessible to everyone, especially in light of food inflation, and more sustainable for the planet.


Our goal is to give consumers what they want an save the planet at the same time!  We are not your multi-generational, family-owned Angus farm or agricultural conglomerate, we don’t wear brass belt buckles or cowboy boots, suits, or heels. Hell, we don’t even wear pants (well, maybe but we are a woman-owned company). 

We aren’t your typical meat company in any way, shape, or form besides the fact that we make great tasting, all-natural meat products. We are different.  We make all-natural meat products that are purposefully created to to be better for the environment, our bodies and our wallets. We care about what happens to the world when we are gone.

And we are owned by a vegan who cares so much about making an impact on food security and helping the environment, she started a meat company to tackle the issues plant-based foods couldn’t fully solve. Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

  • How does Crossover Meats reduce the environmental impact of ground meat without using fillers or GMO’s?
    All ground meat is made of lean protein, fat and blood. We grind meat like any other processor, except we replace the lean protein of ground beef, lamb or pork with whole chicken breast. Chicken is a much more sustainable and renewable protein having better feed to meat conversion thus using less water, land and emitting less CO2.
  • Is the CEO actually vegan?
    Yes, she prefers “plant-based” but she hasn't always been vegan. In her previous "life" she was the queen of burgers and fries. Yes, we see the irony in a meat company being run by someone who doesn’t eat meat now. However, we think this says a lot about who we are! She cares so much about food security and offering affordable sustainability, she decided to tackle a challenge the traditional meat and alternative protein industries are failing to do . We know we can’t expect everyone to cut meat out of their diets completely so we came up with a way to make meat more environmentally sustainable. But don’t worry, most of us eat meat and can fully vouch for the deliciousness of our products (no, we’re not just saying that because we work here).
  • Are Crossover Meats really 50% better for the environment?
    You bet! Compared to 100% beef, Crossover Meats uses 50% less land, 40% less water, and produces up to 50% less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Why are your products less expensive?
    Our products are more than 2/3’s wholesome chicken breast. This makes them consistently affordable while being high quality, all-natural and delicious.
Crosssover Meats
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