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Crossover X Giant Food: Beef Besties

With our Crossover Blends™ being available at Giant Food, now is a great time to build a chef curated burger, so here’s our suggestion of what that would look like! Here are some of the top ingredients picks available at Giant Food that our Executive-Chef Marina Mitchell suggests to pair with our Beef Crossover Blends™ Here are the ingredients!

For our beef besties

List of ingredients as numbered below.
Ingredient List

Beef Blends

a Photo of a completed beef burger
Beef Burger

Cook your patties on your preferred equipment, and when the patties soften up season with salt and pepper.

“While the patties cook, wash your lettuce and rip it to fit the buns. Slice some red onion very thinly, if you like it as much as I do.” - Chef’s tip

After 5-6 minutes the juices from the patties will start coming out. This is when you’ll flip the patties and add a piece of cheese!

“I love artisanal cheeses, but you can’t beat Kraft Deluxe on a juicy burger!” - A Chef’s favorite!

When the patties reach 165°F, it’s time to assemble. On top of your bottom bun add the lettuce and red onion, the patty, some ketchup and three slices of dill pickle rounds. Finally add the top bun and plate up your Crossover X Giant Food Beef Besties!

With a simple American Cheeseburger recipe like this you can’t go wrong! A perfect pairing of the Crossover Blends™ Chicken + Beef patty, crunchy lettuce and piece of cheese that is melted just right. Visit Giant Food either online or in-store in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Washington DC, to get your hands on the ingredients for this delicious chef-crafted burger build.

PS - Follow us online and tag us in your burger builds! Every month we pick one lucky winner to stand a chance at winning an amazing Crossover goodie bag.


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