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Crossover X Giant Foods: Lamb Champs

Updated: Jun 4

We challenged our Executive-Chef, Marina Mitchell to make a sandwich only out of ingredients she can find at Giant Foods, this is a Crossover Meats crossover! She chose to make a mouthwatering lamb sandwich using our Crossover Blends™ Chicken + Lamb patties as her base!

Here are the ingredients!

Ingredients from Giant Food
Ingredients from Giant Food

For our lamb champs

Lamb Blends


Cook your patties on your preferred equipment, and when the patties soften up season with salt and pepper. Watch our cooking demo for an example of what to do!

“Ground lamb makes me think, Mediterranean, so my Crossover Lamb Blends build includes arugula, tzatziki and pickled onions.” - Chef’s idea for the lamb

When the patties are 165℉, they are fully cooked
Check the temperature of the patties

After 5-6 minutes the patties will start becoming juicy and a bit softer. This is when you’ll flip the patties.

“While the patties cook, wash your tomato and cucumber. Peel the cucumber, alternating sections of the skin and slice thin. Slice the tomato thinly as well.” - Chef’s tip

When the patties are fully cooked (165℉), it’s time to build your sandwich. Let’s start with the bottom bun, adding some arugula and some cucumber slices. On top of that we’ll be adding the patty and a slice of tomato. To top it off we add a couple of tablespoons of tzatziki and the pickled red onion. Add the top bun and we have our Mediterranean inspired Crossover Blends™ Lamb sandwich.

This is how we made a Crossover X Giant Foods: Lamb Champ

With all of the interesting flavors from across the globe combined in this delicious sandwich, your taste buds are about to go on an adventure. Give Giant Food a visit, in store or online and take on the challenge to become the ultimate Lamb Champ!


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