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How To Host A More Sustainable BBQ - Planet Friendly BBQ Tips!

What are some things you can do to make your summertime BBQ more sustainable? At Crossover Meats we strive to make sustainable choices. In this post we’ll be sharing some of our favorite sustainable BBQ tips with you!

To host a classic BBQ sustainably, we first need to look at important components that make a successful BBQ - would you believe us if we told you each of those could be improved to be more sustainable?

1. Picking your meat

Image of Crossover Chicken + Beef Blends Packaging

Firstly, it’s got to be delicious, because who wants to eat a patty that’s sustainable but tastes like cardboard? This is where Crossover Blends™ comes in! With no compromise on taste or texture, producing our delicious patties emits up to 50% less CO2 and uses 40% less water, and uses 50% less land to be produced.

This already makes a massive difference. For the vegans or vegetarians, there are many plant based alternatives as a very sustainable viable option. But for people that still want real meat, our product is 100% real meat. Of course we want you to try our product, that’s why we would put it at number 1!

2. Fueling your fire: Charcoal or Gas? 

The Good Charcoal Company Package

For BBQs we know we need some fire! What do we use though? What are the different impacts of both Gas and Charcoal? On a purely emissions basis Charcoal is the worst for the environment. For each 500g (about 1.1lbs) of charcoal produced and then used, it makes 5000g of CO2. That is staggering, as the same weight in Gas only makes 200g of C02.

There are debates that charcoal is better for the flavor of the meat, so is there a way to have more environmentally friendly charcoal? YES! Enter The Good Charcoal Company. They make their charcoal from Black-Thorn Acacia trees that come from Namibia. These trees are growing rampantly and are encroaching on the hunting grounds of the Cheetah, which is on the red list of threatened species.

3. Clean your grill!

It seems obvious, yes, but making sure your grill is 100% clean will make the BBQ experience more efficient. When your grill is heating up and it’s not been cleaned, you will be heating up the dirt on the grill as well, and dirt does not conduct heat as well as the metal from the grill and this will then cook the meat unevenly.

It is also beneficial for your health to make sure that the surface you're cooking on can’t contaminate your meats and things you are grilling. We recommend using Therapy Clean’s Stainless Steel cleaner. It’s plant based, solvent free, cruelty free and streak free!

4. Cooking your food

Ensuring your BBQ is both delicious and sustainable includes cooking your food safely. Properly cooking your meat is crucial for both flavor and health. The USDA recommends cooking ground meats to 160°F and ground poultry to 165°F. Since Crossover Blends patties are made with ⅔ chicken, we advise cooking them to an internal temperature of 165°F. This not only enhances the taste but also ensures you're enjoying a safe and sustainable meal.

5. Setting the mood

We all know that a big part of a BBQ is the stories and the comforts around the BBQ itself. What can you do to liven up the party from the start? Music is an important part of every gathering, and we want to support artists that care for the environment over one's taking private flights from their kitchen to their couch. 

Here is a here is a list from Rolling Stone of some artists that you can proudly support! Or alternatively, give our Friends Of The Planet Spotify playlist a spin at your next BBQ!

Taking steps to be more sustainable is not that hard. Once you're aware of your options, it's just like a regular BBQ! It’s as simple as being slightly more mindful with some choices. Because making those sustainable choices shouldn’t be hard, we created Crossover Blends™ so meat lovers can still have 100% real meat on their grills but can still make a real, sustainable difference. You know - for those not quite ready for the lifestyle change vegeburgers and other vegan substitutes might require, but still want to contribute to sustaining this beautiful planet we call home.

What are some of the steps you take to be more sustainable for gatherings like these? Do you make ice at home, not buying from stores? Do you use gas to grill with? Tell us some examples of what you do to be more environmentally friendly with your BBQs!


Crossover Blends™ is available in Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C and Virginia at Giant Food, and coming to New York, New Jersey and more soon! Follow us online to stay up to date with our latest promotions, news and announcements. 


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