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Crossover Meats, the Brand Bringing Environmental Sustainability to the Meat Industry, launches at Giant Foods

Updated: May 2

The unique, patented chicken-based hamburgers is now in 165 Giant Food stores on the east coast.  

Crossover Meats announces its unique, patented chicken-based hamburgers are now available in 16Giant Food stores from Delaware to Virginia.  The products are also available online. The brand, from award-winning entrepreneur Michelle Adelman, is home to inflation fighting, all-natural real-meat burgers. Crossover Meats launched at Draeger's Market in Northern California earlier this year.  


Crossover Blends™ Chicken + Beef, and Chicken + Lamb, now available at Giant Foods.

The future of consuming delicious, better-for-you protein with a significantly lower impact on the environment is here. Crossover Meats leads the way by using up to 50% less land and 40% less water and producing up to 50% less greenhouse gas emissions.  


Unlike Baby Boomers, recent surveys show  60% of Gen Z and Millennial consumers want to buy environmentally sustainable products and according to the Power of Meat survey by the North American Meat Institute, are the first generations buying more chicken than beef or pork. By blending wholesome chicken with beef, pork or lamb in a patented recipe, Crossover Meats is poised to shake up the alternative protein and meat industries with an all-natural real meat product that delivers health, sustainability and price benefits.  


“You can feel good about putting burgers on the table again” said Adelman. “Crossover Meats makes dinner healthier, easier on you and better for the planet in three delicious flavors. Crossover Blends™ are so delicious you’ll not want anything else for your grill this summer! You can still be a sustainability-minded, health-conscious consumer without having to pay a premium for meat. Three flavors create variety and fight menu fatigue.” 


Ground beef is a staple ingredient in American households and one of the most versatile proteins, used in soups, tacos, meatloaf, chili, meatballs, sauces and more. Rather than plant-based substitutes that can be expensive and processed, Crossover Blends™ provide savings from ground beef with the same great taste, yet consistently affordable in the face of food inflation and rising meat prices. The cook-from-frozen format is convenient and cost-effective for busy families, singles and students. 


The patented Crossover Meats recipe was mom and chef-perfected by Executive Chef Marina Mitchell in the test kitchen. "As a busy mom with two boys, I want to get a healthy and great-tasting meal on the table quickly between sports practice and homework. We perfected the patent in the test kitchen, blending wholesome chicken breast with beef, pork, and lamb to deliver great taste, texture, and cooking performance with the convenience of cooking from frozen. Twelve minutes from the freezer to table and dinner is served!" 


The all-natural patties include 100% wholesome ingredients with zero fillers, additives, soy, allergens or gluten. Each 4 oz. serving has 27 grams of protein and 20% DV of iron creating uncompromising quality, taste and performance at a fraction of the cost. 


Visit for more details or visit a Giant Food store near you. 

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