Great tasting, affordable and socially responsible meat

Crossover Quality Meats is a food technology company providing great tasting, all-natural, affordable, and socially responsible ground meat products to global markets, including China, US and Sub-Saharan Africa.  The world-wide demand for meat is exploding, driven primarily from emerging markets with fast growing populations and expanding middle classes. The world’s current natural resources are struggling to sustain the projected global demand for protein, in particular beef and pork, using current agricultural and livestock rearing practices.

Livestock production has a major negative impact on the environment.  While meat replacement food technology is gaining momentum, plant-based meat and culture-based meat solutions will not likely entirely solve the problem in the near term.

Crossover Quality Meats provides ground meat products that are affordable, safe, convenient and environmentally sustainable. 

Crossover Quality Meats products are made of all-natural meat ingredients.  Our objectives include:

  • To improve nutrition and protein availability by delivering a natural, affordable ground meat products that tastes like 100% ground beef and ground pork to global markets.

  • To influence global food security and climate impact by supplementing the demand for environmentally taxing beef and pork by providing affordable and accessible all-natural blended products

  • To impact employment creation in local communities through a distributed manufacturing model that empowers small scale manufacturers and contract agricultural production.


Replacing ground beef and pork with meat made from a crossover of natural chicken & beef or pork creates a great tasting, safe and affordable ground meat for consumers  and benefits our planet too!

Crossover Quality Meats are convenient and cook just like regular ground meat.


The way the world produces meat today takes an enormous toll on our planet. According to researchers, animal agriculture uses 30% of all land, over 25% of all freshwater on earth, and creates as much greenhouse gas emissions as all of the world’s cars, trucks, trains, ships, and airplanes combined.  Beef production is the most challenging with a typical cow consuming 15kg of grains to produce 1kg of beef protein.  We need to find more effective ways of delivering protein to society.


Compared to 100% beef, Crossover Quality Meats uses 50% less land, 50% less water, and creates 50% less greenhouse gas emissions, yet delivers all the protein, iron and nutrition.  Now the decisions you make about the meat you eat can improve the environment!

Our Manifesto

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