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Discover Great Tasting, Affordable, and Environmentally Responsible Meat with Crossover Meats


Crossover Meats is a food tech company that's on a mission to revolutionize ground meat. We believe in creating meat products that are both delicious and responsible - socially and environmentally. Unlike other meat alternatives, we believe in the real thing. No creepy lab-grown meat, weird additives, or anything like that! 

We're not your traditional meat company, and that's what sets us apart. Our all-natural meat products are designed to be better for the environment, our bodies, and our wallets.



Our goal is to become the world's leading producer of ground meat, and we're taking big steps towards that. Our products are just as delicious as traditional ground meat, but they cost up to 20% less and have half the environmental impact. We use all-natural chicken protein and avoid GMOs, additives, and anything else that's hard to pronounce. Join us in our mission to save the planet, one delicious bite of meat at a time.


At Crossover Meats, we believe in doing things differently. We're dedicated to producing all-natural meat products that are better for the environment, our bodies, and our wallets. We're not just focused on profits, but on leaving a positive impact on the world for generations to come.

Unconventional yet Impactful Ownership

You heard it right. Our company is owned by a vegan who recognizes the limitations of plant-based foods and wants to make a difference. With Crossover Meats, she's tackling the challenges and making great-tasting meat products that are not only sustainable but also accessible to everyone.

Join us in our mission for responsible meat and be a part of creating a better future.

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At Crossover Meats, we're on a mission to be the leading producer of ground meat in the world, with a difference. Our products have half the environmental impact of traditional beef, pork, and lamb, making them a more sustainable choice.

Taste and Affordability at its Best!

Our meat products taste just as good as their conventional counterparts but with the added bonus of being up to 20% more affordable and better for the environment. We use only all-natural chicken protein to create delicious, great-tasting products that are free of GMOs and artificial additives.

Join us in our efforts to create a sustainable future for meat!

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