Great tasting, affordable and socially responsible meat

Who we are


Hi, we're Crossover Meats. We are a food tech company that wants to make better ground meat. This means ground meat that is more socially responsible and less environmentally harmful, but without sacrificing any of that mouth-watering meaty goodness we all inherently love.   

We think meat grown in a lab, eating crickets or larvae, and having additives or fillers in our meat to make it cheaper is creepy. We know there are a lot of plant-based meats out there that claim to taste as delicious as the real deal - we’re not hating on those meat alternatives for fighting the good fight. (In fact, our sister company, Infinite Foods, is the leading plant-based food distributor in Africa, so we totally get the hype.) But, we know that for some of us, there’s nothing quite like the real thing. That’s why Crossover Meats is here. 


We are not your multi-generational family owned Angus farm, we don’t wear brass belt buckles or cowboy boots, suits, or heels. Hell, we don’t even wear pants. (Well, maybe only when we have to leave our houses.) We aren’t your typical meat company in any way, shape, or form besides the fact that we make great tasting, all-natural meat products. 


No, we are different.


We make all-natural meat products that are purposefully created to do less harm to the environment, our bodies and our wallets.


We care about what happens to the world when we are gone, rather than the maximum amount of money we can make while we are here.


And we are owned by a vegan who cares so much about making an impact on food security and helping the environment, she started a meat company to tackle the issues plant-based foods couldn’t fully solve.


Didn’t see that one coming, did you?


Who we want to be


Our meat products chop the environmental impact of beef, pork, and lamb in half. So, naturally, our goal is to be the leading producer of ground meat in the world.


We’re serious – we know our products taste exactly the same as their 80/20 counterparts, so no one is skimping on taste. The differences are that our products cost up to 20% less, making them more accessible to everyone, and are better for the environment, making them more sustainable for everyone. We will sing this from the rooftops if we have to: our products cut the land, water and CO2 impact in half! 


We’re not here trying to reduce cow farts by feeding cows lemongrass diets (although that could be tasty?!), we’re just incorporating all-natural chicken protein to make great tasting products with no GMOs, additives, or anything you cannot pronounce, while trying to save the planet in the process!

Our Manifesto

Meat a new future.


Respect the earth.


Excel as a team.


Be Bold.


Save Tomorrow.


to Better Meat.